Paled Happiness 

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I don't want to be locked in a glass cage. Even if I never reach the other side, I want to be free.
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Crossover between “Kyou no hi & Last hope”Oh my goodness~ this is perfect (Credit: 秋實AKI weibo)

Even if your survival rate is 10%, there’s still that 10% of hope lwft, isn’t it?

^ Thanks for the translation, I thought the translation was something like that :)
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I sort of wish you came back even after I told you to leave. But then sometimes I feel like no one really need anyone to stay alive and be happy. People don’t need one specific person to remain content. 

We can forget, we can replace, we can divide up our feelings onto different people. One person is really nothing if we lost important people yet still are doing fine now. Not that it takes away from the pain, but the human heart was made to bear that kind of garden variety wound. 

Which is both a relief and a bit sad. 

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